With over 25 years experience, Ritter Fresh is one of the UK's leading fine food wholesalers specialising in the finest premium meat, outstanding seafood and exceptional British game. We work closely with sustainable fisheries, farming cooperatives and local communities and always strive to offer the very best that nature and good husbandry can provide with sustainability and respect for the environment at the forefront.

Engaged in a continuous search for new and innovative lines we have the pleasure to supply the finest restaurants and hotels around London and throughout the country and we are proud of our many long associations with Michelin starred establishments.

A small selection of what we offer:

      • Creel Caught Lobster, both Native and Canadian
      • Pot caught Dorset and Devon Crabs, Hand-Picked White Crab Meat
      • Prime English fish including Cod, Hake, Turbot and Plaice
      • Fresh Salmon Fillet and Sashimi Grade Tuna
      • Hand-Dived Orkney and Devonshire Scallops
      • Free-Range English Chicken and Duck
      • Wild British Game
      • Premium English, British & Iberian Meats
      • Wild Prawns, Octopus, King Crab and Shellfish
      • Insider advice on specialist and seasonal products

To give you a taster of some of our most popular lines please see our Top Selling Produce brochure.

Every other month Ritter Fresh hand-picks a recipe and gives insight into the background and sourcing of selected produce in Restaurant magazine's regular Talking Fresh feature.

See some of our latest contributions below.

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For more details about our wider range or to discuss your specific requirements please don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable sales team on 0845 8509970 or email us using the email form.



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